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Opener Installation

Garage door openers in The WoodlandsThere are two types of openers based on installation. The models for professional installation have one-piece rail and in the case of a chain drive, one-piece chain. The models for do-it-yourself installation have a rail which consists of several pieces so that it can be transported in a car. The chain drive of most of these models consists of a chain attached to a cable.

The Opener Installation Process Must Be Done With Attention

The garage door opener installation begins with the assembly of the different components of the unit. Then the rail is connected to the door and the precise position of the opener is determined. The mounting gear is installed at the chosen spot on the ceiling. After this, the unit is mounted onto the gear. The opener's accessories are installed next. These include the safety sensors which are mounted on the sides of the door and the stationary button which is mounted on the wall. The installation is completed with the setting of the force and travel limits.

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