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Why does the garage door go off tracks?

According to the experts of Garage Door Repair The Woodlands, the movement of the rollers will be obstructed by the damaged garage door tracks and the door may go off tracks. It's also possible that damaged garage door tracks will keep the rollers from moving smoothly, resulting in the door going off tracks.

Why should I get double layer glass panels?

Double layered glass garage doors will provide greater safety and higher insulation. This is the best method to protect the indoor environment and it would be very important if the garage is attached to the house. It will keep the whole house better insulated.

What's the purpose of high lift kits?

High-lift garage doors are usually practical for residences or commercial use when there is a need to park one car over the other. The lift will raise the first parked car up high allowing the entrance and parking of the second car as well just underneath according to the experts of our company in The Woodlands.

What is the automatic reverse feature?

Garage doors that were manufactured since the 1990s are equipped with a safety reverse feature that helps to keep them from trapping anything underneath. If there is anything underway of a closing door, the safety reverse feature will be automatically activated, avoiding dangerous contacts.

How to open the garage door, if the power is out?

Power outages are common in storms and it is impossible to operate the garage door at such times. The garage door should be disconnected from door opener after checking that the door is in closed position. Pulling the emergency cord with red handle will disconnect. The door can now be pulled up or by sliding it. Make sure the door is stable while it is open, in order to avoid injury.

Why extension springs are replaced together?

There are two extension springs in every system and they're installed at the two sides of the door. Each one of them has equal power with half the overhead door's weight so that they can counterbalance it properly. If one of them is stronger than the other, the door won't be balanced and lifted evenly. They must be replaced both to have equal strengths.

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