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Garage Door Springs

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Garage Door SpringsWe at our Garage Door Repair in The Woodlands are garage door springs experts. Of course we are experts at all areas of garage doors. We are also a garage door company/contractor who is always there for our customers. Our garage door company has a 24/7 emergency garage door service that will assure our customers that we will always be here to answer their calls no matter what. This means if you go out to your garage at midnight and the garage door will not open then you can call us and we will not only answer we will also send someone right out to help you with your garage door emergency. Call us today and find out more about this garage door service.

24/7 emergency garage door service

Our professional company understands how important it is to be on time for garage door repair services along with being aware that efficiency comes with knowledge and thoroughness. So, we are truly committed technicians and never leave before ensuring the flawless operation of our customers' overhead door. We have a master team for the replacement and installation of parts, openers, and doors. Adept technicians are extremely careful and accurate. They know how to assemble new garage doors, specialize in overhead doors, are aces in electric opener maintenance, and install everything with great precision. Our only concern is the safety of clients and that's why we are consistently proficient, meticulous, and offer same day emergency services fast.

As we said with all of the other garage door services that we do we are Garage Door Springs Experts. We are proud of this service. Garage door springs are dangerous to replace or install. There have been many reported cases where people have tried to change these springs and have been injured badly. This is why you should always allow a trained expert to replace or install your garage door springs like our garage door company at Garage Door Repair in The Woodlands. Give us a call today and we will be right out to take care of these springs and keep you and your family safe.

There are two different kinds of garage door springs. First there is the torsion garage door springs. These springs are for heavier doors. When you are using torsion garage door springs you will generally have from two to four springs. Mostly there will be at least 4 of these springs. They can be used in four different set ups. These setups are called linear system, duplex system, triplex system or a mixed system. It all depends on the size and weight of your garage door. Call us today at Garage Door Repair in The Woodlands and we will help you with the kind of springs that you need.

Then there is the extension garage door springs. These springs are used on lighter doors and are placed on the sides of a garage door. Residential garage doors will usually have two of these springs. But commercial doors may have several of these springs. There are some extension garage doors springs that come in one big piece. There are galvanized garage door springs also. These can be torsion garage door springs or extension springs. These are bonded strong through a metallic reaction combining zinc and iron.

Our Garage Door Repair in The Woodlands not only can replace or install these springs we also supply them at our garage door company. Of course we supply every part that you could possibly need for a garage door. We also carry only the best models of all of parts because we feel like our customers deserve the best. We want you as our customer!

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