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Garage Door Openers For Dummies

12/22/2013 Back To Blog

How many times have you find yourself in a situation where someone was discussing garage door openers and you had no idea what he or she was talking about? And how many times have you found yourself in a situation where people were asking you about your own garage door opener and all you could tell them was that they are there on your garage door, full stop? And how many times did you hear or read online various tags like Genie garage door opener, Allister garage door opener, Lift master, Chamberlain, Wayne Dalton, Craftsman garage door opener, Sears garage door opener and had absolutely no idea what were they all about? Well if this is you then this short post will help you learn the basics about the garage door openers.

What is garage door opener in the first place

Garage door opener, as the name suggests itself, is the mechanical component within garage door mechanism responsible for opening and closing garage door. Garage door openers are usually operated by switches that are placed on garage walls; and even more frequently by garage door remote controls.

What are the main components of garage door openers

Garage door openers do not seem quite big or massive but they contain hundreds of parts. Maybe you will understand it better if you take in consideration that the complete and overall garage door mechanism has over three thousand parts and components. The most basic garage door opener parts include batteries, emergency key release lock switches, key switches, safety beam sensors, chain drives, limit switches, receiver boards, worm gear...

garage door Energy Tax CreditWhat are the most popular garage door openers' brands available

There is great slection of garage door openers produced by various manufacturers. In fact if you go online and write garage door openers in a serach box you will shorty be fronting the endless listings of genie garage door openers, liftmaster garage door openers, allister garage door openers, chamberlain garage door openers, chamberlain garage door openers, craftsman garage door openers, sears garage door openers, wayne dalton garage door openers and similar. All of these are well reputable manufacturers with long term presence in the garage door industry. They all offer various garage door openers’ models as well as various garage door openers replacements parts.

How to recognize the great garage door opener

It is relatively difficult to say in just a few words what makes a great garage door opener? especially with all the various garage door models available on the market today. Another very important element with recognizing the great garage door model is recognizing the proper expectations and wants. “Great” is somewhat subjective and relative concept and especially when it comes to choosing the great garage door openers and identifying its features. Some people identify quality with soundless mechanism; some identify quality with affordable prices; some identify quality with long term warranty and so on…Probably the greatest garage door opener would be a winning combination of all the listed.

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